Wedding Favors Featuring Lily Pads

Brides and grooms abide to appear up with new account for marriage favors. Some wish affected argent frames. Some attending for redneck marriage favors. And some artlessly wish marriage favors that will go with their theme.

Lily Pad Marriage Favors

Lily pad marriage favors are admirable for a garden wedding, abnormally if there is a garden pond area afraid pads grow. A afraid pad marriage favor can yield several altered forms. We went analytic for the a lot of admirable afraid pad marriage favor account we could find. Here are a dozen of our results.

* Floating Afraid pad and flower: This 5″ afraid pad marriage favor is fabricated of polysilk, and absolutely floats. Tiny acrylic baptize drops accord it abiding morning freshness. Its blush and buttery white colors afterglow aloft a aphotic blooming afraid pad. At a bit over $1, this is a cheap, but admirable afraid pad marriage favor.

* Afraid pad CD cover: Fill these admirable CD covers with mini CD photo albums of the helpmate and groom, or with their admired music, for a acceptable afraid pad marriage favor.

* Afraid pad gourmet cookies: Have a bounded bakery appearance gourmet accolade as afraid pads with flowers. Tell the chef your blush arrangement and ask that the flowers be brave to bout for admirable afraid pad marriage favors.

* Frog soap on cottony afraid pad leaf: Ponds that are home to baptize lilies and afraid pads are aswell home to frogs. Abode a baby cottony afraid pad at anniversary abode and top with a blooming glycerin soap frog – cutting a crown. Such a afraid pad marriage favor says “At last, my prince has come.”

* Afraid pad with frog soap: This is a altered adorning soap gift. The frog and afraid pad both are soap. This is not a bargain afraid pad marriage favor, but it is absolutely a chat piece.

* Floating afraid pad candles: Baptize Afraid candles can float in baby bowls at anniversary guest’s place. You could ablaze these 2.5″ afraid pad marriage favors, or leave them un-burnt for guests to adore at home.

* Chocolate molded frog on afraid pad: Afraid pad marriage favors can appearance up in the strangest places. We begin these advertised for Harry Potter parties, but the afraid pad affair would accomplish these absolute for marriage favors as well.

* Frog On Afraid Pad Bouncing Balls: On a beneath austere note, we begin these admirable 2″ balls. At $0.50 each, they could be accumulated with addition marriage favor to according a afraid pad marriage favor.

* Afraid pad keychain: This one requires a little work. Purchase the affectionate of keychain that has a abode to backpack a photo. Book baby copies of your admired afraid pad photo on cardstock, and blooper one into anniversary keychain for a different afraid pad marriage favor. Accept a photo that matches your marriage blush arrangement so they will attending abundant on your tables. Alternatively, use a “classic appearance off key ring” for afraid pad marriage favors. Have your afraid pad clear custom imprinted on both abandon in colors you choose.

* Afraid pad excellent tins: Many places action to personalize your excellent tins. Acquisition one that offers, or will print, tins with afraid pads. Add your names and the date for a memorable afraid pad marriage favor.

* Afraid pad canteen labels: Order baby bottles of sparkling cider or water, with labels featuring your admired baptize afraid and afraid pad. Add your names and date to the characterization for alone afraid pad marriage favors.

* Baptize Afraid simmer snaps: These different wickless wax “candles” are ambrosial with the aroma of baptize lilies. As a afraid pad marriage favor, you could accord anniversary bedfellow a amalgamation of two simmer snaps. Anniversary amalgamation has a admirable afraid pad and annual in abounding blush on the front.

When analytic for afraid pad marriage favors, try a array of words. Afraid pads are allotment of lotus flowers as able-bodied as baptize lilies. Use both agreement in your search. Remove the words “wedding favors” and you may acquisition something unique, as we did with the Harry Potter affair chocolates. Add “frog” or added amphibian creatures that ability reside a part of afraid pads.

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