The Benefits Of Focus Pad Training

In my years as a aegis instructor, I have

tried and activated abounding training methods to acquisition out

the fastest, a lot of able way to aftermath the

best after-effects in the beeline time possible.

I don’t run a aegis club or advancing long-term

classes. My “specialty” is concise courses and

seminars. I charge to allotment adeptness and advise physical

skills in the beeline time possible. And that

training has to “stick.”

I don’t “train” people. I advise them how to train

themselves. I animate my audience to yield full

responsibility for their own acquirements action and

the after-effects that they produce. There are abounding excellent

resources out there, but that’s all they are…

Information is apathetic until you administer it to accomplish

something. Its up to you, abstraction and administer them.

One of the a lot of able methods I’ve activate to teach

proper punching and arresting abilities in the fastest,

most able way is FOCUS PAD training.


Focus pads (also alleged focus mitts, apprenticeship pads,

punch mitts and ambition pads) are flat, hand-held

pads that are about 12 inches in diameter.

They are fabricated of close cream covered in covering or

vinyl. They accept been acclimated in boxing, kickboxing and

martial arts training for ages.


The pads are captivated by a drillmaster or training partner

at altered ranges, positions and levels. The

puncher and pad holder plan calm to build

offensive and arresting skills, acuminate reflexes

and action the body.


Focus pads are cheap, carriageable and simple to find.

They are an able training investment that allow

you to conduct a advanced array of drills for the

development of several antagonistic qualities.

If you’re still ambivalent about whether or not focus

pad training is appropriate for you, actuality are some of the



Focus pad training is a blast. Partner training with

focus pads allows you to accomplish a advanced array of

drills and “fighting games.”

Because there are so abounding means to use focus pads, it’s

easy to accumulate your training fun and interesting. And

most importantly… if you adore accomplishing something, you’ll

do it added often.


You can aces up a brace of focus pads at a good

sporting appurtenances or aggressive art accumulation store. A decent

pair will set you aback about 50 to 70 bucks.

You’ll aswell charge a acceptable brace of bag gloves or boxing

gloves to assure your knuckles. They’ll bulk you

about the same. $100 bucks for a absolute training

system seems like a appealing appropriate investment to me!


Unlike accessories such as abundant bags, focus pads are

small, ablaze and acutely portable. You can throw

them in a action bag or haversack and yield them pretty

much anywhere.

Because they don’t accept to be installed or mounted,

they are able area allowance is bound or its

impractical to install added bulky equipment.


If I had to advise you how to hit properly, in the

shortest time possible, I’d use focus pads. If you

already knew how to bite but you capital to improve

and clarify you hitting skills, afresh I’d recommend

focus pad work.

Because the pads are about small, they develop


Because they can be confused bound into different

positions and at altered angles, they are one of

the best methods accessible for alive punches in


Because they can be confused dynamically and even

pulled out of the way, they can be acclimated to develop

quick cerebration and “non-telegraphic” delivery.


All appulse training stresses the body. If you hit

too harder or too generally you’re traveling to get injured.

The botheration is that punching adeptness increases faster

than the anatomy can acclimate and become airy enough

to bear that appulse energy.

There is a aeon of “adaptation” appropriate before

for tendons and ligaments become stronger and more


It takes about 6 to 10 weeks of added abstinent training

before all out, abounding adeptness hitting efforts can be

performed safely. That’s area focus pads appear in.

For starters, there is far beneath attrition to hitting

a focus pad than a 60 to 100 lb abundant bag. That allows

you to plan on your punching adeptness with beneath strain

on your joints and affiliation tissues. This allows you

to plan your way up to added ambitious abundant bag

training which is acutely harder on the body.

If you already do abundant bag work, you can do your

focus pad plan on canicule in amid your abundant bag

sessions. That will allow you some “active recovery”

and the adeptness to abide alive on your

hitting abilities while giving your anatomy a time to



If you anytime watch a acceptable fighter sparring, you’ll

notice that he begins to acknowledge to getting punched at

BEFORE the bite is even thrown.

Its about as if he is account their opponent’s mind

and anticipating what is about to appear afore it


What is in actuality accident is that by getting punched

(or kicked) at over and over again, the academician begins

to adapt the acceptation of assertive positions, weight

distributions and anatomy signals.

When captivation the pads and watching assorted punches

travelling in your direction, you activate to establish

“pattern recognition” which will enhance your ability

to ahead and avert yourself from attack.


Many humans are abashed with the abstraction of getting hit

in a fight. Just as abounding are afflictive with the

idea of punching addition animal being. (I’m not sure

why because I kinda like it! ;-)

In fact, because it is an “unknown” humans are far

more anxious about getting hit than they should be.

Speaking from the angle of anyone who has been

punched, hit and kicked bags and bags of

time; its not so bad! You do not wish to be terrified

by the abstraction of getting hit or afflicted if it happens.

I accredit to your abundance akin with the abstraction of hitting

and getting hit as “Hit Psychology.” Humans with weak

hit attitude are added decumbent to agitation or “freeze up”

in a antagonistic situation. They can become overwhelmed

by an abstract and accidental abhorrence of the

encounter and accomplish poorly.

We accept a appellation for that in the aegis field… Its

called, “NOT GOOD!”

Stress bang is a action of de-sensitizing

someone to the abhorrence of action by advertisement them to

controlled amounts of appulse in a low stress, non-

threatening environment.

In a abbreviate aeon of time, the apprentice finds that

situations that aforetime abashed her are far more

manageable and even enjoyable!


Did you apperceive that conditioning is “exercise specific?”

If you are a runner, your anatomy will become fit and

accustom to active but not about as abundant for

swimming or cycling.

If you plan out on an egg-shaped machine, your body

gets added able at alive out on an elliptical

machine. Your anatomy adapts and improves specific to the

activity that you are accommodating in. So what you


I’ll acquaint you what… the best way to action your

body for angry is by artful movements and

actions that are like fighting. It’s as simple as


I accept able with humans who would be considered

extremely fit athletically but annoy actual bound when

introduced to antagonistic training drills.

The acceptable account is that there are a advanced array of

combative drills that you can do with focus pads

that will accent the muscles, anatomy your backbone and

endurance and enhance your aegis performance.

SO… what I’m adage is this. Not alone is combative

training such as pad plan an excellent, able body

form of exercise. The conditioning provides fitness

qualities anon accordant to aegis and



Many humans undertake advancing aggressive arts and

self-defense training to get into shape… and more

specifically to lose weight (excess anatomy fat) and

regain a angular and beggarly physique. Focus pad

training is able for fat loss. Here’s why…

Not that continued ago, the acceptance was that the best way

to lose anatomy fat was through LSD (long apathetic distance)

aerobic exercise. In added words, low intensity

exercise that was abiding for at atomic 20 to

30 minutes. The approach was that during exercise your

body uses fat as a ammunition antecedent at lower acuteness and

it burns glucose instead of fat at college intensity


That adeptness be true, but the acceptance was that fat

loss is based on the bulk of calories you burned

during your workout. That’s not the case. The amount

of calories you bake during your contest session

is minimal.

What does amount is the added calories you burn

BETWEEN your workouts.

Fat afire is able added finer by

interval training. Breach training involves periods

of abstinent to top acuteness action intersperse

with low acuteness periods to bolt your animation and

recover your activity in between.

This blazon of training will access your metabolism

for hours afterwards your conditioning and you will bake more

overall calories and anatomy fat.

Focus pads are able for breach training.


There accept been actual few evolutionary changes in the

human anatomy in millions of years. One affair that has

not afflicted is our adaptation mechanism. The anatomy is

predisposed to “fighting or fleeing” from a

threatening situation.

What HAS afflicted about is the actuality that in modern

day life, a lot of of the “threats” we apperceive are not

actual, concrete threats and do not arete kicking

butt or active off. So what happens is that we

activate this “fight or flight response” but do


A host of actinic and concrete changes action that,

if larboard absolved become baneful and unhealthy. That

is why exercise is so advantageous and such a abundant way

to administer stress.

I beforehand that cardiovascular exercise satisfies

the body’s charge for flight. I accept that impact

training such as hitting a brace of focus pads or a

heavy bag satisfies the bodies evolutionary need

to fight.


Mental Courage is the adeptness to be effective,

healthy and blessed behindhand of the challenges and

stressors in your life. It involves architecture your

ability to cope with accent by again exposing

yourself to accent and again convalescent from it.

The added you do this the tougher you get on a

physical, brainy and affecting level. Focus pad

training can be acclimated to beforehand your brainy toughness

in two ways.

Physiologically, The breach training that I’ve

already mentioned builds brainy toughness. Doing

“round training.” (intervals of action interspersed

with abbreviate periods of recovery) teaches your anatomy to

expend activity and again recover. This expend, recover,

expend, balance action makes you tougher and more

emotionally resilient.

Another befalling that focus pads accommodate is the

ability to architecture “never accord up drills.” I’ve

referred to this in my Adeptness Punching Guide as

“blitz” training.

Blitz training is an beforehand training adjustment that

involves traveling “all out” for a agreed period

of time. You advance yourself through the affliction of lactic acerbic in your anatomy and the ache of getting asthmatic and push, advance advance yourself until

you ability the end of the drill.

This is not alone a agitating conditioner for your

body but it is aswell an able brainy exercise to

teach you on of the a lot of important ancestry that you

can accept for self-defense: “NEVER GIVE UP.”


Bottom line… if wish to advance and clarify your

punching abilities quickly, action your anatomy with

fight-related exercise and architecture arduous and

versatile training sessions again yield a serious

look at focus pad training.