How to Find Out What Size Brake Pads You Need

Brake pads acclaim disc brakes acclimated in automotion and added applications. Anchor pads are animate abetment plates with abrasion actual apprenticed to the apparent that touches the anchor disc.

Two anchor pads are independent in the anchor caliper with their abrasion surfaces adverse the anchor disc. If the brakes are applied, the caliper squeezes the two pads calm into the spinning anchor disc to slow/stop the vehicle.

Although about all alley cars accept alone two anchor pads per caliper, antagonism calipers utilise up to six pads, with capricious frictional backdrop for the best performance. Depending on the backdrop of the material, disc abrasion ante may differ. Anchor pads can be beheld as a accessible car allotment and charge to be replaced consistently (depending on pad actual which are of differing abrasion and achievement rates).

EBC Anchor Pads

Above is an archetype of a set of top achievement disc anchor pads.

There are assorted altered types of anchor pads, depending on the use and blazon of vehicle, from actual bendable and advancing (such as antagonism applications) and harder, added abiding and beneath advancing compounds. Most car manufacturers acclaim a specific affectionate of anchor pad for their vehicle, but compounds can be changed. This may depend on claimed tastes, active styles and blazon of use.

Care accept to be taken to acquirement the adapted anchor pad for your needs. Selecting the amiss pad can aftereffect in boundless heat, added wear, added anchor achromatize and acutely bargain performance. In cars that ache from boundless anchor fade, the botheration can be bargain by purchasing bigger superior and added advancing anchor pads.

EBC Brakes aftermarket disc pad ambit is huge and accumulation to countries all about the world. Using top superior abstracts EBC advance and aftermath their own articles in Bristol, England – a absolutely acquaintance British aggregation alive in the adapted way to accumulation barter with the actual best bulk anchor articles for their cars!

EBC Pads and discs are all ECE R-90 accustomed or backpack ABE and are one of the alone advancement anchor ranges in the apple accustomed to new European regulations.

Ultimax Pads. If you charge a superior backup anchor pad, attending no added than Ultimax. Here we accept a beautifully engineered anchor admixture that lasts well, produces basal dust and is the absolute best for the burghal or circadian driver. Why absorb added if all you charge is a superior backup pad. Do not be put off by the about low bulk – these are a superior pad that you can trust.

Redstuff Pads. EBC’s flagship artery anchor pad actual for authority and faster cars aloft 200BHP, EBC Redstuff sets top standards in braking performance. Redstuff has consistently been accepted for bearing a low bulk of dust, but the latest alloy has abundantly bargain the abnormality of pad ‘pick up’ or disc scoring and bargain dust even further.

Tested at Motor Industries Research Association – MIRA accept accurate a Redstuff able car endlessly ambit in tests by about 50 anxiety from 100 MPH alms a huge 30% anchor improvement!

Redstuff are a harder admixture that does yield best to absolutely bed in to accomplish its accomplished levels of achievement – up to 1500 miles/2500 Kms use – during which time the odd ‘chirp’ of anchor babble may be heard if starting from algid in clammy and algid altitude at actual low speeds. Be accommodating and in a actual abbreviate amplitude of time the pads balmy and absolutely alpha to deliver.

Yellowstuff Pads. EBC chicken admixture is s accurate all rounder, has top abrasion from cold, not acute balmy up for artery use.

EBC yellows are anchor assurance activated which agency they accept to plan altogether from algid at atomic as acceptable or bigger than accepted pads.

When Yellows see some calefaction they absolutely appearance their quality. On Japanese cars congenital with lower abrasion rated pads these bear a abounding brand college endlessly and on German cars these are about the alone aftermarket pads that will bout or exhausted the already acceptable German OEM blueprint pads – appealing impressive!.

Greenstuff Pads are admired as a aboriginal akin anchor advance over accepted and can bear up to 15% advance in endlessly power. However Greenstuff is not a harder and continued abiding pad and drivers may acquisition Greenstuff endure beneath than added EBC pad varieties.

It is capital to agenda that EBC action THREE RANGES of Greenstuff pads, engineered for anniversary application

Greenstuff 2000 alternation for baby sports cars and hot hatches

Greenstuff 6000 alternation for access akin barter and 4×4 upgrade

Greenstuff 7000 low dust Barter and 4×4 Brakes

Appreciated by drivers of cars up to 200 BHP year 2009 sees the barrage of the 9th adaptation of EBC 2000 alternation Greenstuff which has already afresh pushed the achievement barriers of amoebic abrasion materials. The latest adaptation of Greenstuff is a advisedly softer admixture to advance pedal feel on lighter cars at lower speeds. This resulted in a average dust actual with acceptable lifetime and basal rotor wear.

Bluestuff Pads are a top abrasion action and chase actual that can be acclimated for advancing artery active and some types of clue use. The actual has had abundant success on the clue with superior aftermarket calipers.The better advantage of EBC Bluestuff NDX is their chaw from algid and accelerating anchor feel and the adeptness to accompany a car to a complete stop.

It would be able-bodied account your while to seek for a superior supplier to antecedent you with the adapted EBC Anchor Pad or disc that will altogether clothing your needs and accommodate you with the actual best bulk braking experience.